With the latest biometric passport software, Kodak Express Botany can offer you a Passport or Visa image for virtually any country in the world, be it printed or digital. No appointment necessary as Passports/Visas are done on the spot!
Our biometric software is licensed to us and is automatically updated with the latest information from the relevant authorites in every country. You can be assured that the photo we provide you meets current legal requirements for that country.
For New Zealand digital photos, we will check the photo on the DIA website prior to sending to you.

Kodak Express Botany is also happy to take infant or child Passport/Visa photos.

Kodak Express Botany can also produce a Passport or Visa image from a photo that you have taken yourself. Simply email the image through and we will process this through the passport software to make sure it meets the requirements.

Need your documents scanned or printed? We offer a document scanning and printing service. We can copy or scan and email documents up to A4 size.

Where required True Likeness stickers are supplied with the photos.

We Guarantee all Passport/Visa images that we take! In the event of your photo being rejected we will retake your photo at no extra charge. Please retain your original receipt.

We also provide a photo service for

  • Indian Overseas Citizens Identification (OCI).
  • United Kingdom ePassport (SCS upload direct to UK authorities, you will get a printout and unique code for your application)
  • Student ID.
  • Permanent Residence applications.
  • Firearms Licenses.
  • Drivers Licences.
  • General Identification.

Some tips to ensure your passport photo is not rejected by the authorities.

  • For Passport photos with a white background I.E. China, USA, Canada – 
    Avoid wearing a light colored top, ensure the top is a dark solid color to allow for maximum contrast, dark blue or black are best.
  • Ensure long hair is tied back or styled in a way that both ears are visible and hair is not touching the eyebrows.
  • In most cases eyeglasses are allowed but our experience has shown that it’s better to have the photo done without glasses. Glasses can be worn but no part of the eyes or eyebrows can be obscured.
  • No head coverings – except for religious reasons.
  • Chinese passports / visas do not allow for any jewellery of any kind, remove all jewellery, this includes earrings, nose rings and necklaces.